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The calendula flower.

The Herbs

Plants are sentient beings and have unique gifts to share. My deepest joy is directly communing with the plants – listening and calling forth the healing they provide. Our consultations and healing sessions will be enhanced by my deep and personal experience with the herbs.

The herbs are willing to teach us their gifts. We receive these teachings by being in relationship with the herbs, initiating the conversation and then listening and attuning to their ways of communicating.  Making my own tinctures for personal use has been vital to creating these relationships. Walking in nature and experiencing the environment they thrive in, harvesting, touching, tasting, smelling, engaging all my senses…and then embodying their essence in that first drop of tincture…this is the beginning of invoking their wisdom.

"Grounded to the Earth,
Connected to the Heavens"

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The Healing Room

Healing sessions and consultations are a blend of the information I receive in the energy work from both the plants and your guiding spirits. We will work with the energetic spirit of the herbs to support your innate healing capability. Our combined intention will support your healing process in clearing blocks and helping to restore the flow of energy.

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Photo Cards

The beauty of the natural world touches me deeply. Each photo is taken in a moment that caught my wonder, touched my heart, or captivated me in some way.

Individual photos are mounted on blank greeting cards with embossed frame.

$29 for assortment of 6 cards.
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About Me

I am committed to my spiritual evolution, strengthening my personal knowingness, and supporting my deep healing.

My curiosity about alternative healing was sparked in 1972. I entered a high school work study program in a chiropractor’s office. Since then my interests have expanded into energy healing, intuitive development, and herbal medicine.

Learn about my training here.

My Offerings

nancy ondov herbal spirit healing

Aura Healing Session and Consult
½ hour session
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Energy Healing Session and Consult
1 hour session
Purchase a Session $85
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Photo Cards
Individual 4x6 photos are mounted on a blank white greeting card with a classic emboss frame, and protected with a clear sleeve. Actual card size is 5 x 6.75 and comes with envelope.
$29 per set

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Let's talk!

Contact & Scheduling

Please contact me to schedule a healing session and consultation.

Sacred  Gateways

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